October, 2016

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These problems are selected from the first unit of the course. Present all relevant work in your own handwriting in the spaces provided for each problem. In order to be graded, your work much be neatly written, legible in the PDF and submitted according to the Written Assignment submission instructionsRead More

American political development

Readings must be referenced (through paraphrasing and direct quotes) to support your argument. An informal, within text, citation style (Young, p.106) will suffice.* If it comes from class lecture there is no need for citation unless I directly referenced a reading. Edward Larson wrote about the presidential election of 1800Read More

Concept of STEM Education

A three paragraph status report concerning your Reading Reactions Portfolio.  Utilizing student-generated reading reaction protocols based on Rosenblatt (1984), for the assigned text or poems between class meeting, students will create reading reactions to the assigned text or poems which includes, but not limited to academic and popular culture articles, music,Read More

Assigned questions:

Does Newell have a successful corporate-level strategy? Does the company add value to the businesses within its portfolio? What are Newell’s distinctive resources? What challenges faced the company in the late 1990s?? In this context, does the acquisition of Calphalon make sense? Rubbermaid? At Ultimate Scholars we are committed toRead More

Antigone Journal

Strive in this journal for something beyond the obvious and superficial: something original that only you have discovered about this play. (State it clearly, and then try to document it from the the actions and characterizations in the play.) Begin with a careful and critical analysis of Creon’s speech toRead More

Environmental factors that affect the psychosocial development of African American adolescence

PART 1 Title page •    Ensure that title page is structured in APA format Abstract •    Should be a brief summary that states the problem addressed by the author, identifies the solution, and specifies the objectives and methods of the study. •    See APA Manual for guidelines on writing anRead More

MD Unit 4 DB

Collaboration leverages the collective knowledge of a health care team. Peer evaluation and support, provided in the spirit of continuous improvement and organizational success, result in higher quality deliverables than are generally possible by the efforts of an individual. Describe the process you plan to use to conduct research, identifyRead More

AD Unit 5 DB 1

Consider the following two distinct scenarios for a comparative analysis: In Scenario A, the police arrest an obvious violent offender. They treat him roughly in front of a crowd of bystanders who jeer at the offender and cheer the police on. In Scenario B, the police arrest the same obviousRead More

Disaster in Bangladesh: Assignment Instructions

First, read Case 27, “Disaster in Bangladesh: The Collapse of the Rana Plaza Building.” Instead of answering the questions in the text, read the following material and write a report addressing the questions below: Suppose that you are the Sourcing and Import Manager for a publically-owned North American firm inRead More

Managerial Marketing: Part II

51) Advertisers include business organizations, but exclude not-for-profit organizations. F 52) In the late 1880s, a few companies began putting names and labels on previously unmarked products, and branding began. T 53) Advertising was highly regulated during the industrial era which limited the scope for advertisers to come up withRead More