January, 2017

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One size doesn’t fit all: Situational Approaches to Leadership

Situational leadership makes it necessary for the management in place to make use of different styles of leadership to mitigate the various problems depending on the situation. The maturity of those being led shall make it possible for the leaders to adapt any style in leadership depending on the situationRead More

Case Study: International Sourcing 

Global or international sourcing refers to the practice of sourcing goods and services across boundaries. The main aim of international sourcing is to exploit efficiencies that exist in the global market that relate to the delivery of a given product or service. Examples of such efficiencies include low cost ofRead More

William-Adolphe Bouguereau 1897Admiration Painting

William-Adolphe Bouguereau was a French artist who joined the fine art college at Louis Sage where he developed his drawing career. One of his inspiring artistic work is the 1897 Admiration painting (Figure 1) that entailed mythological theme of five ladies admiring a young girl. Owing to the number ofRead More

Leadership Role

As a future organization manager, I believe that leadership skills should be natured throughout an individual’s academic and professional life if one is to achieve greater heights. The opportunity to lead my group in the Advanced Financial Accounting coursework assignment exposed me to some leadership challenges as well as expectationsRead More

The BCG Matrix

Developed by Bruce D. Henderson, the BCG-Matrix focuses on the product life cycle and is highly useful in analyzing business operations and product lines to determine the priorities of a business unit product portfolio. The BCG-Matrix categorizes products into cash cows, dogs, question marks and stars. The PlantCube best fitsRead More

Article Critique: Coyle, K. (2001). Safer Choices: Reducing Teen Pregnancy, HIV, and STDs. Public Health Reports, 116(90001), 82-93. http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/phr/116.s1.82

The writers of the article chose to discuss a program aimed at decreasing the levels of HIV, STDs and Unwanted pregnancies. Such a topic is very relevant in today’s society as research has shown high incidences of HIV, STDs and unwanted pregnancies among adolescents. Most programs that have been implementedRead More


Strategic management has seen the growth of new theories that seek to explain a firm’s natural competitiveness. One of the recent strategic management concepts that have emerged is the resource-based view. The concept has emerged as one of the dominant paradigms that aim to address competition in companies. The centralRead More

The Civil Rights Movement

The fights for democracy and equality in socioeconomic and political constructs require revolutionary movements to counter the oppressive political regimes and social injustices. The main aim of the Civil Rights Movement was to promote equal protection of all the people by the law, especially the ethnic minorities and to fightRead More

The Existence of God

The main aim of teaching sacred doctrines is to understand the works of God and how they affect man in his daily life. A deeper understanding of religion by various scholars is required in order to understand the key concepts that relate to the existence of God. In particular, thisRead More


A huge customer base is the basis of success for any organization or company that engages in business. Consumers are the final users of a given service or product. Marketers on the hand sell the product or service to consumers with the hope that the good service or product providedRead More