March, 2017

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Select either 1 or 2 key theoretical concepts, with a strong macroeconomic focus, from what has been discussed in class and provide a critical overview of its value in explaining or solving one or more real world macroeconomic problems or challenges. Some examples of topics that may be used areRead More

what is one way people can start cutting back on water consumption today to prevent wasting water

The World Wildlife Foundation says that about 2.7 billion people on Earth are burdened by water scarcity for at least one month of the year. They say by 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages. In your opinion, what is one way people can start cutting backRead More

Topic on Addiction

Will provide Rubric and topic once hired, have sources all set, no need for bibliography, just follow guidelines from rubric provided, can be 3-4 pages double spaced, if possible, create title page, and bibliography page already created, base essay off those sources, title page will take max 5 minutes, notRead More

Understanding the Regulatory Laws within your jurisdiction

Use at least ONE external reference in the response to support the expressed opinions and assertions made. Students can use practitioner publications or formal websites such as Business Week, Fortune, Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, or professional websites to identify information in support of their responses. Students can alsoRead More

Compliance Plan

we create a Physician Office which is ob/gyn clinic and we trying to write Compliance Plan for it and  my part is to write about – response to violation -and disciplinary action to talk about them in details and how this action would take place. and i have examples forRead More

Briefly explain the following fundamental principles as found in the U.S. Constitution and identify how each is at work in the American political system

Briefly explain the following fundamental principles as found in the U.S. Constitution and identify how each is at work in the American political system. – Limited Government: Include Constitutional structures designed to keep the power of government in check and protect citizens’ freedom. – Establishment of a Republic: Include evidenceRead More


BFOQ Research the term BFOQ. Explain its importance and relevance to HRM. How might not appropriately incorporating well defined BFOQs lead to difficulties for the organization? How would the concept of BFOQ be linked to “disparate treatment” and/or “disparate impact” in respect to staffing?  What is the link between theRead More

BI0-30I-Z1K@ 1RU5- Pamphlet

* The pamphlet should be in the form of a six-pages (06) pamphlet. (do not include reference citation in this 6 pages) * Reference citations (01 page) I will discuss with you about my topc in private chat room. Thank! At Ultimate Scholars we are committed to Quality,Originality and AcademicRead More

Pick 3 movies and compare them to Chapter 2 & 3 in the textbook

m page limit is 25. In Chapter 2,organizational communication is described in four different perspectives. Give me examples within the movie( or movies) you watched of the different types of communication that are listed in the chapter. In chapter 3, there are three different examples of early organizational communication. Again,usingRead More

Pediatrician and Pediatric nurse

Point by Point Outline Template For ENC 1101 Career Research Paper Instructions: Fill out the following outline template.  For the topic sentences, introduction hook, and conclusion parts, please describe in 1-2 sentences what will be covered in each section. Your thesis and quotes should also be no longer than 2Read More