Questions fom the Text – Introduction
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Questions From the Text – “Introduction”

Discussions (5 Points)
Due: Wednesday April 12, 2017

Read – INTRODUCTION from the text – Interpreting Art by Terry Barrett, pgs, xv – xxi.

After reading this chapter, I want you to respond to the following questions and submit your answers and perceptions to the online Canvas Discussions. These can be short answers, but think them through.


1) What does the author say, is the purpose of his book?

2) Look at the definition of the word – aesthetic in a dictionary and/or in the definition I wrote in the “What is Art” folder. Give some examples from your own personal experience of art that you might not believe to be aesthetic.

3) What do you believe the author is saying by the statement, “To miss paintings, sculptures, and photographs is to miss a lot? Works of art, however, provide knowledge and experiences only if the works of art are interpreted; not to interpret them is to miss them”.

3-a) Give examples from your personal experience to your response above.

4) What in the world is so valuable about interpreting art? Why can’t we just go to Wall Mart and pick something we like to hang on the wall of our home as a decoration. Why should we have to go around interpreting various “art” or objects?

5) Why does the author believe – multiple interpretations – of an artifact or work of art is important? What about multiple interpretations would be important for you? Why not?

6) Post responses to 4 of your fellow students Discussion Board postings.

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