Impacts of Racism on Democracy


Democracy refers to the freedom of the citizens or voters to elect leaders of their choice. A democratic government supports equality to all races. Democracy can also be defined as the rule of the people by the people. Therefore, citizens in a democratic country rule indirectly via their parliamentary representatives they have entrusted. It is the responsibility of the representatives chosen to serve the country appropriately without dividing the citizens on racial lines. Democracy is based on the civil rights of all the individuals in a country in which every person has equal chances to vote and elect their desired candidate. The leaders initiate differences among their subjects when they divide them along racial lines.

The problem of racism in the politics of the United States is brought about by the politicians who favor one race over the other to secure votes and get elected. The exercise of power without restrictions worsens the already stubborn problem of racism. The representatives entrusted by the citizens to carry on the spirit of democracy which they advocate for in political freedom and equality for the citizens. The political candidates act against the will of the people when they start to violate civil rights and consider one race superior over the other. A democratic country gives every potential leader to try their chances of being elected by the citizens in the governing body of the nation as per the current political affairs (Sullivan, 2014).

Political issues are one among the many aspects of a society that require a lot of nobility and professionality. Politics involves the exercise of power over the citizens by leaders of specific movements or a nation’s government. Politics cover a broad scope since it is the idea of mobilizing people to change their opinions or modify their political stands. Political diplomacy encompasses a broad range of their society because it involves maneuvers between people, organizations or even groups concerning power. Conflicts are common in the field of politics because it is a methodology and an activity entirely involving influence and power. Political opponents try hard to earn interest and support from citizens, and they end up dividing the society into racial lines (Alexander, 2012). Conflict is one of the problems always occurring to their subject matter, but racism has been a challenge in the politics of the United States.

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